Jobu Jnr or Jobu PRO2 Gimbal for 80-400mmG on D800 ?

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Re: Jobu Jnr or Jobu PRO2 Gimbal for 80-400mmG on D800 ?


I had made up my mind from the beginning to go for the PRO-2 PLUS the Gitzo but when I felt them I could not believe the weight of them and immediately recalled all your advice on not getting the PRO-2. Fortunately the agent also had stock of both the Junior and the HD MKIII. With the MKIII not being that heavy I decided on it rather then the Junior. If he did not have the MKIII than I would have gone for the Junior rather than the PRO-2.

Many say that the HD MKIII can be used with the 600mm which I'm pleased at just incase I ever manage to get a 500mm or 600mm .

I'll try the HD MKII out this weekend on my old Manfrotto 055-pro steel tripod from the early 90's as the Gitzo without a head was a lot heavier than I expected.

So I agree    - go for the HD MKIII rather than the PRO-2.



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