As of today, Sony has 7 FF cameras

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Re: As of today, Sony has 7 FF cameras

stevo23 wrote:

TonyC5D wrote:

Sadly still rather let down by the lens range.

If it makes you feel better, Nikon is a let down in lenses. They lack a solid mid range and make way too many high cost zooms of mediocre quality. Before I got the A7, I contemplated Canon because of the excellent mid range of lenses for under $1000 with stellar performance. (And some very high performing low cost lenses as well.) But alas, I couldn't get past the sensors being so behind Nikon's. Then the A7 came around and it has very few lenses, so I bought it. Go figure!

Why would that make me feel better :-D? I can't understand some of the attitudes here. All I am asking is for a native E mount lens, with OSS would be useful, longer than the 210mm offered at the moment! Then I get questions like what would I hope to gain over using an adapter and A lens. Well I guess size and OSS for a start! Anyone would think I was attacking someone's religion here.

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