Is the new D600 a valid upgrade to D700 owners ?

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Re: From D300/D700 to ??? Nikon has lost the way

Can;t agree more. I bought my D300 in May 2008, upgrading from a malfunctioning D200. Nothing since because I did not know what to buy as upgrade. I was happy with the D300, it had everything I could wish for and since I still believe it is the person who makes the photo I did not need anything

Untill recently, when I found out that my D300 doesn't communicate with the 200-40/4 VR lens any more. Some hick ups and slow sluggish focus. Maybe it will get better after a good clean up (which will be dealt with next week) but for now I needed something different and without much research I bought a D700 almost as new with only few clicks.

I also wonder 'what now'. What would be the logic next step? I have no idea.

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