Back Focus, Bad Technique Or What?

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Re: Back Focus, Bad Technique Or What?

Maybe it's the camera and lens, but maybe it's not. Anecdotal stories from other users about their cameras are not going to help you figure out what's going on with yours.

If I were you, I think the first thing I would do is go somewhere with good light and shoot AF-S, center point, with a fast shutter speed at a stationary target with lots of contrast. Can you get a reasonably sharp image? If yes, then the gear is probably fine. If no, then test further:

To really figure out if something is off with the camera and lens, you need to use a good test chart and a good repeatable testing procedure, to compare images focused with live view to those focused using phase detect (shutter or AF-ON back button). That can tell you with pretty good certainty if your camera is focusing accurately or not. But you really have to the test carefully to get reliable results.

If the gear itself checks out, then you can take a closer look at settings and technique.

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