Live view on D600 worthless?

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Re: Live view on D600 worthless?

JoEick wrote:

dleemans wrote:

I share your experience. Compared to any Canon dslr, LV on Nikon bodies simply sucks: often impossible to get an AF lock, no live histogram on lower end bodies, no live aperture change, . . .

If you like usable LV, stay with Canon, even though their sensors are inferior to those from Nikon/Sony.

I often feel like Canon and Nikon are in cahoots.

"We'll keep our sensors a little behind yours if you cripple your live view."

"Deal! That way we can still own the DSLR market between us and spend less in R&D"



Seriously though. It does feel like Nikon has one of the Graybeard Grumpy DPR photography "purists" calling the shots sometimes on camera features. If you're not shooting through the viewfinder, then you're not actually doing photography. Only soccer moms use Live View right? Just look at what they did to the Df...

Even though I got rid of my D800 because I use Live View for landscapes nearly 100% of the time, I could have worked around the shortcomings if I had to. I just got a 6D and called it a day though. Couldn't be happier.

It's also true that Canon sensors are slightly lacking at low ISO and MP compared to Nikon, but that is actually a FAR less detriment to my landscape photography. I always bracket my shots and have never missed a single one because of my sensor. Exposure blending in post is super easy for me and no problem.

I wish Nikon would just make exposure simulation and live view worthy of use... why waste the money on having it if it's just worthless?
I'm ready to jump back and buy a Canon 6D... but then I remember all the dynamic range I'm losing and the noise I'm gaining! Sigh

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