Zeiss 16-70 and Canon 18-55 STM reviewed on EPZ

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Re: Zeiss 16-70 and Canon 18-55 STM reviewed on EPZ

wadia13 wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

get your sarcasm. If you're happy in paying around $1,000 for the Zeiss, that's great for you. I see that many people indeed are happy, which is great for Sony's profit.

Perhaps comparing Sony's newest 16-50 kit lens to Canon newest 18-55 kit lens is more appropriate. I have yet to find a website which has reviewed both with a higher rating for the Sony. In fact, its just the opposite.

Its not just sarcasm but reality that you need to get a taste of. What makes you so desperate to go trolling?

If you want to talk about reality, the reality as far as I'm concerned (and also for many others based on these forums) is that in terms of kit lens, Sony's current offerings seem to be below average. And to get something better, Zeiss doesn't seem to offer good value for money. Although the 16-70 certainly weighs a lot less than similar DSLR offerings which is a great benefit in itself, and has a great zoom range for everyday use. Of course, your version or interpretation of reality may be totally different from mine and that's fine.

Indeed. Fortunately, my world doesn't revolve around having unwarranted temper tantrums to go on bashing a camera/brand when I have zero interest in them. This is why you may not have seen me post persobal bickering from insecurities in a Canon forum.

Interesting, i did not realize expressing a personal opinion regarding price/value/quality (with reviews from well-known websites as reference) of any brand equated to venting out one's insecurities or temper tantrum or bashing of that brand. As just FYI, I am seriously thinking about buying the A6000 but am not sure I'm willing to spend around $1,000 for the 16-70. But my conclusion thus far is if I do get the A6000, i will have to buy the 16-70 despite the price.


Expressing a personal opinion is not the issue. Pulling selected fragments of internet reviews and blogs to make an unbalanced and downright derogatory set of insults, combined with no ownership, use, or apparent knowledge of Sony products (such as: "There are no alternatives from Sony to the Canon 18-55) reveals either an enormous ignorance, a poor attempt at provoking rebukes from what you so smugly call Sony "fanboys", or some combination of both.

If you are sincerely interested in Sony products, go buy them and if not, please spare us your Sony bashing and Canon cheerleading campaign.


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