Anyone having trouble with E-M10 and a tripod?

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Re: Anyone having trouble with E-M10 and a tripod?

JohnLock wrote:

I have a lot of tripods, but most used is a Giottos w/ medium Linhoff ball head. I have not had any problem w/ this set-up on the EM10.

It sounds like you've already diagnosed the problem though as that's not an uncommon occurance, but I would think you need to first find a way of measuring the two, or if you're sure that's it-- and you like the tripod head-- use a power grinder and grind a little off the screw on the tripod head. Just be careful to not bugger up the remaining threads on the screw. I've done this before with a hand held shop grinder. Or just a good file would do it if not much is needed to be taken off.

Good Luck. JL

Before you do anything drastic to your tripod or camera why not measure? Take a scale (or a toothpick) and measure the height of the tripod screw with the depth of the hole in the camera. It might be the bottom threads on your tripod (or the threads on the camera) are damaged thus preventing from screwing further.

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