G1X Mark II compared to Sony RX100M2 - Initial Impressions

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G1X Mark II compared to Sony RX100M2 - Initial Impressions

Hi guys, first thread for me.

Quick background for me: I've mainly used Canon DSLRs. I started with the 550D, then moved to 7D, 60D, 70D. I've had numerous Canon PowerShots over the years (mainly the S series). About 2 years ago, I bought the RX100 and was amazed. I upgraded to the RX100M2 when it was released last year. This has become my 'primary' camera, mainly becuase it is with me all the time. I don't currently have a DSLR becuase I found I was never taking it anywhere becuase of it's size. I have a 2 year old son, so family photos have been dominating my photograhy lately. Like a lot of people, I am looking for the best no-compromise compact camera I can find. For the last 2 years, that has been the RX100 M1 and M2 for me. I bought the G1Xii recently hoping to go back to Canon (I prefer the JPEG engine). So...

I've had the G1Xi Mark II for two days now, and have been comparing it to the RX100M2.

Here are some of my initial impressions:

  • The G1X is much heavier than the RX (double the weight). This was initially a bit disappointment, but after using the G1X for a bit, you forget out it and it's a mostly non-issue.
  • The G1X is much bigger than the RX.... I already new this, but it means I'd be carrying a 'man bag' with me rather than shoving the camera in my pocket.
  • The G1X build quality is sublime! It feels like a high-precision, carefully crafted tank.
  • The RX is metal as well (mostly), but doesn't feel as 'premium' or as robust. (For example, some of the buttons on my RX feel a bit 'tired' already, and it isn't a year old...)
  • Both cameras aren't the best wide open at their fastest aperture, and at close distances; they exhibit that 'halo' affect and are very soft.
  • For some reason, the RX100 has more accurate exposure and white balance, in almost all scenes. I'm not sure why this is yet (probably user error on the G1X).
  • Both perform similarly for macro, although I think the RX has *slightly* better performance at fast apertures.
  • Both cameras perform best at F4.0, although I think the RX performs better from F1.8-2.8.
  • At F4.0, my example of the RX seems to resolve more detail, and is sharper, than my G1Xii.
  • The G1X seems to have a slightly softer, more neutral JPEG engine, whereas the RX leans towards more contrast and saturation with increased sharpness. (I prefer punchier images, but this can be achieved easily in post processing)
  • The G1X has much nicer bokeh, especially at 120mm f3.9
  • For photos of people, I think I prefer the images from the G1X, but the difference isn't as huge as I thought it would be.
  • The G1X lens is less distorted (both long and short), although the difference is negligible.
  • The G1X has a faster operation all round.
  • The focussing speed is essentially identical (fast enough for me).
  • The G1X has a much nicer lens on the long end, and a built in ND filter (which came in handy at midday yesterday).
  • If movie taking is your thing, I prefer the RX100 files. (Cleaner with less artefacts). I also think the Active IS on the RX performed much better than the G1Xii.
  • I prefer the foldable screen on the RX. It is easier to move when shooting. The G1Xii hinged screen is very tight (on my version), but I suspect it will loosen over time.

Some side notes: I am enjoying using the Canon interface again. It took me ages to get used to the Sony, but with the Canon, after 2 days it's starting to feel natural and instinctive again. The touchscreen on the G1X is nice, but not super useful. I think I'd end up turning it off.

Does anyone else have both of these cameras? Does anyone agree / disagree with my comments. I'd love to hear your thoughts. If you have any quesitons please ask.

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