Help, Pixel-Peepers & Lens Critics: Do I keep this Samyang 14mm or send it back?

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Mel Snyder
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Help, Pixel-Peepers & Lens Critics: Do I keep this Samyang 14mm or send it back?

Today I got my third copy of this lens. It's clearly better than the first. But I think I'm underwhelmed. Better than the other two - but better than the 17mm f3.5 AT-X Pro I already own? I'm kinda burned out, and can't spend more time on this quest.

Give it to me straight - is this as good as I can expect from the Samyang lens?

All these images were produced from RAW images processed identically in LR 5.4 - 50% sharpening, 50% detail. No other correction.

Samyang 14mm @ f2.8

Samyang 14mm @ f4

Samyang 14mm @ f5.6

Samyang 14mm @ f8

Tokina 17mm @ f3.5 (yeah, wow - different color!) (no filter!)

Tokina 17mm @ f5.6

Tokina 17mm @ f8

Tokina 17mm @ f11

Most of my shooting with the selected lens will be landscapes and cathedral/church/synagogue/mosque interiors. Not photojournalism, not people. Occasionally architecture, but I know I would need correction on the Samyang for that.

Frankly, I am underwhelmed with the Samyang I got. I just am not prepared to keep going. I will really value pixel-peeping the originals and your explicit, no-holds-barred analysis.

Thanks in advance,


PS: Focusing the 14mm with the typical manual focusing strategy doesn't work well, because the detail on distant subjects is REALLY small, and when examined at 11.9X, is hard to find the focus point of a lens with ridiculous DOF. Not trusting the infinity stop since the second lens didn't reach it, I hit upon the technique of setting the peaking level to high, using just one step of C1 magnification, and making sure the entire field was 'Peaked" - more accurate than trying to MF the lens at 11.9X

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