Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: OP is comparing TAMRON vs NIKON lens

The following is extracted from the DPreview review of the DF.  I don't think it should be a surprise that the AF of the DF cannot match the D800.


"The Nikon Df uses the same Multi-Cam 4800FX autofocus module as the one we saw in the Nikon D600, and the criticisms we made there seem even more acute in a camera costing half as much again. It's understandable that Nikon wouldn't put the same focus system in the $2000 D600 and D610 as in the range-topping D4, but the Df costs as much as the D800, which does include the more sophisticated 51-point Mulit-Cam 3500FX system.

The problem with this decision isn't one of specification bragging rights, it's the fact that the 4800FX module simply isn't as good as the more expensive module, in a number of key respects. For a start, it's smaller - a complaint that we levelled against the D600 - with all the focus points clustered closer to the center of the frame. It's a reasonable assumption that it uses the same sensor as the Multi-Cam 4800DX system used in the consumer-grade D5300, with different optics in front of it.

The biggest problem isn't the limited coverage of the focus system - it's its effectiveness in low light. Although rated down to -1EV, the performance of the Df's focus drops off significantly at even moderate indoor lighting levels. Even at an illumination level of around 4.5EV, we've found the camera has to 'hunt' to find focus, and the only reliable way of getting a shot was to use the central focus point to focus-and-recompose from a high-contrast point.

With a bit of perseverance, it will usually find focus eventually (even in genuinely low light), but the amount of work you need to put in to get it to focus is not really acceptable. Overall, the performance is not up to the standards you'd hope for from a camera costing this much money - especially one built around a sensor whose main appeal in this case is its low light performance."

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