Can I charge a BLS-1 Battery on a BCS-5 Charger

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Re: Can I charge a BLS-1 Battery on a BCS-5 Charger

ericN2 wrote:

Helen wrote:


I purchased a EPL-1s camera from Japan and it should have come with a BLS-5 Battery, but it came with a BLS-1 Battery instead. The camera came with a BCS-5 Charger.

On the original box it writes BLS-5 Battery and BCS-5 Charger.

I have not contacted the seller yet.

My question is can I charge the BLS-1 battery on the BCS-5 Charger?


They do seem to be cross-compatible, even though officially Olympus infers that they're not. Certainly the BLS-1 battery is fully compatible with cameras "intended" for the BLS-5 - in fact, many were officially supplied with BLS-1 & BCS-1 kits when the newer batteries and chargers were in short supply, such as the E-P3 and early production E-PM1 and E-PL3 cameras, which launched AFTER your E-PL1s, which was the first camera ever to have BLS-5 compatibility.

I have occasionally accidentally charged the wrong battery in the wrong charger (I have both sets) and it seems to work fine. As far as I can see, the major difference seems to be that the '5 charger and battery have an extra contact, probably for some kind of status monitoring (which the cameras themselves don't even have a contact for) which I *think* causes the charging to switch off once complete rather than carrying on a trickle charge, at least at some point in the time past reaching full charge. As I understand it, the change was forced on manufacturers by an alteration in Japanese law, but it looks to me as though the BCS-1 system wasn't a huge offender in the first place as it always seems a very well-behaved and efficient battery and charger combo.

I can assure you that you can fully trust all that Helen says here.. she knows what she's talking about and does have experience of a number of that series of Oly cams and batteries...
But I think the real test probably is to ask what difference IF ANY is there in the actual stated working VOLTAGE on each of the two batteries AND what is any difference (IF any) in the total capacity of the two batteries..the figure shown in milliamps (probably 'mA') as stated ON the batteries. <snip>

It is the chemistry and number of cells that determines the voltage. So, any variation in the printed voltage on the battery case is irrelevant. Also, for that size of cell, there will not be a huge variance in capacity - if you believe the numbers anyway - and, assuming, there is nothing wrong with the battery.


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