Does this shot look faked ?

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Fish Chris
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Does this shot look faked ?

I normally don't even shoot these slow, big, easy, ultra-common (in these parts) birds....

....but I was standing in such a position, with such awesome light {low, and square behind me} and thinking > come on... this is just too perfect ! Finally, this guy jumps up from the Island behind him, and starts flying right through my "firing zone"

So of course I had to take a couple practice shots, just to make sure the cam was dialed in... and apparently, it was !

Rarely, have I ever shot a bird, on a BG other than blue sky that had SO much separation / contrast between my subject, and the BG ? So much so, that it looks like its been separated, copied and pasted from a different BG, right ?

But believe me, if I were going to go through all that trouble, I'd have probably softened / blurred the BG quite a bit more...


But then if you must have completely blurred, soft bokeh, here you are

Zero crop. Low light. I was very happy with all of the feather detail, and color

This guy was doing pushups, to show off to the nearby females

I liked how high he was sitting. Often all you see is their eyes...

Another full framer...



edit; I was just looking at the Goose shot again, and Holy %%$ ! Their is not a shaded part of it ! Wait, maybe a spot on the inside of its right leg ?

Why can't I have light like this when I see a Golden Eagle jump up into the sky, with a Groundhog swinging from its claws, blood dropplets flying.... ?

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