Anybody Like Windows 8.1?

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Re: Again with the hate-card :(

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

dradam wrote:

Those sentiments are the other side of the coin from people (like you) who can't stop talking about how "childish" the 8 interface is, and how it would surely be impossible to do any "real work" with 8.

I never said those things, you're quoting someone else.

I'm not quoting anyone, though such things have been said.

If you like 7 or Vista or XP or 98 or Linux or OSX, and that's how you get through the day, more power to you, there is no need to switch to 8 (though some act as if it's something that is being forced on them).

I set my machine up to boot to desktop, I put some of my most used apps on the task bar and use my system.

Good for you! I do the same on Windows7.

Then what's the problem?

Your 2,000 posts about Windows8.

I have started 0 threads about it.  It is a problem for you that I participate in this forum?  If you don't wish to hear other opinions, you are certainly free to ignore them.

I venture into the Tiles interface for some apps and features and have no problems with it. And I don't think MS made a mistake, just people hate big changes. Its an OS designed to work with touch/swype input, or desktop, or both.

Again with the "HATE big changes". You guys simply sink to finding fault with a HUGE group of people that disagree with you. And you can't stand the fact that Windows9 will be more like 7 than 8 and that the grunts at MS refer to W8 as Vista2.0. I guess that group of people "hates" W8 and can't stand big changes too. Gotcha.

I can stand the fact that 9 will have more elements of 7 just fine. I don't get all bent out of shape because a menu changes positions.

Right as usual, I'm bent out of shape because of BIG changes in your OS and shall now go slit my wrists. Thanks for your assistance. Talking to you is always the high point of my day.

If it's "my OS" then what do you care?  I like it, so I use it.  Others ask about it, so I reply.  I don't sit over on the Mac board complaining about OSX, because I don't use it.  All this raises the question, why then are you so interested in this thread or what gets said about 8?

As for the rest, I'd personally recommend against slitting your wrists.

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