Anybody Like Windows 8.1?

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I though the forum title was "Anybody Like Windows 8.1?", not "Again with the hate-card :("

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

Remeniz wrote:

Its been said before I'm sure, but its as hard as you make it. In my opinion Windows 8.1 is slick. That's why I left clunky Windows 7 behind.

You know, it gets old real fast hearing from the couple of psychologists on this forum about people's "hatred" for this and that and and how we "hate" BIG changes and how disgusting and ancient and now clunky Windows7 is and how repulsive the traditional Windows Start menu is. You guys insist on saying "clunky" should apply to everyone's opinion of W7, I hate when you guys do that. There are enough posters on this forum who have said over and over that if you have a party in your pants using W8, that's amazing and wonderful and we wish you a blessed day! We are ALL entitled to our opinions - period.

Don't think I need to say anything here as you contradicted yourself.

I set my machine up to boot to desktop, I put some of my most used apps on the task bar and use my system.

Good for you! I do the same on Windows7.


I venture into the Tiles interface for some apps and features and have no problems with it. And I don't think MS made a mistake, just people hate big changes. Its an OS designed to work with touch/swype input, or desktop, or both.

Again with the "HATE big changes". You guys simply sink to finding fault with a HUGE group of people that disagree with you. And you can't stand the fact that Windows9 will be more like 7 than 8 and that the grunts at MS refer to W8 as Vista2.0. I guess that group of people "hates" W8 and can't stand big changes too. Gotcha.

My grandson has a W8 laptop which I have used enough to form an opinion, BTW.

Your clearly having a bad day and took it out on me. That's fair enough. But my post is based on my experience too, since running XP, W7, and W8. And I still think that people, used in a very general term, don't like change, or are, at least, uncomfortable with it.

Like you said, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and so am I. Enjoy Windows 7 if that's what you feel like using. I'm not bashing you, or anyone, for it.

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