Zeiss 16-70 and Canon 18-55 STM reviewed on EPZ

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Re: +1, closest rival for the 16-70/4 OSS is the 24-105/4 L IS

LSHorwitz1 wrote:

José B wrote:

LSHorwitz1 wrote:

wadia13 wrote:


I believe 16-70 is overpriced but, on the flip side, there aren't any alternatives right now.

Not true either. Use the Sony 18-55 E mount lens to make a much more obviously appropriate comparison to a Canon 18-55.


I have both these lenses. The Canon is widely regarded by a lot of wedding pro photographers. I use it for my 5DMKII. I haven't taken both the NEX-6 and the Zeiss and the Canons in a model shoot. However by mere observations of IQ, they look pretty similar. Slight edge goes to the FF camera in throwing off the backgrounds.

BTW, the Canon 18-55 is an excellent lens. I borrowed one when I was looking into the 20D awhile back. I prefer something wider and longer for travel and longer for heads and shoulders shots. That's why the Zeiss 16-70/4 OSS is perfect!



I have also owned a lot of Canon glass including some very fine L zoom and prime lenses. My point is that a comparison by the original poster of a Canon 18-55 does have a totally obvious Sony alternative 18-55. Choosing a Zeiss 16-70 and bashing it as overpriced, inferior, and then claiming no better alternative exists for a comparison is a trolling post as well.


I agree that the Sony 18-55 is a better match for the Canon. And as usual most of the trolls are the ones who don't own the product (in this case the Zeiss lens).

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