D800 with Sigma 24 105mm f4 Art Lens Anyone using?

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Truman Prevatt
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Re: D800 with Sigma 24 105mm f4 Art Lens Anyone using?

Scott McMorrow wrote:

Truman Prevatt wrote:

However, it's an f4 - 4 stops slower than the lenses you mentioned. There are always trades. If you don't need fast lenses - it's a pretty good option. I've migrated away from zooms since what you give up is the speed of the lens and I like a fast lens for low light.


Actually f/1.4 to f/4 is 3-stops delta, not 4. But you point is well-taken. Sometimes you just need a fast lens in low light, although an f/4 with image stabilization does help a lot.

Yep - made the calculation before coffee.  The other issue for me at least is physical size.  My 50 1/4 AFD is a nice small package as is my 85 1.8 AFD for wondering around in crowds and getting all sorts of candid shots with my D800.  While it is not as good as a Leica for such things - as soon as you point a minister zoom in someone's direction your shot is often gone.  Also carrying around a monster zoom on a camera for hours is not my idea of a good time.

I did try a 24-70 - too heavy, to obvious for the focal length and did get me anything I could not get with my 35-70 f2/8 AFD so I sold it.  It doesn't really buy me much I can't get from my 50 and if I need a wide angle I usually know it in advance before I go out and my 24 works fine.  I have a nice mint 35-70 2.8 AFD which is a good lens but still too heavy and too slow for some of my purposes. I'm using it less and less these days.

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