Yet another rude Jersey/Brooklyn shop: Abe's of Maine

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Yet another rude Jersey/Brooklyn shop: Abe's of Maine

I was recently lured by the siren call of low prices on a mid-range Canon camera body.  I did my searches and found that Abe's of Maine listed the best prices by a couple hundred dollars.

Price too low?  Time to be wary.

* I checked that it listed ALL accessories from the factory box  (the worst vendors will cannibalize boxes and give you absolutely JUST the body when you order a "body only" no-lens box)

* I checked whether it was USA market or gray market import.  It was not a complete show-stopper to me that it was an import as they're usually from Asia with the same charger.

Okay, biggest pre-order flags were checked.  I submit my order.

Sure enough, I get the upsell call the next day.  Unlike every other online retailer, the camera industry is full of scamming customers and scamming vendors, so every order has to be resolved in a phone call at some vendors.

* No, I don't want to add anything.  No more flash cards.  No more batteries.

* Yes, I'm aware it's the import model.  Oh, but it's from the UK so it's a completely different charger.  And it only records in PAL.  (Not true these HDMI days, but okay.)

The guy on the phone starts putting the pressure on to switch me to the USA model.  Then at the first sign of hesitation on my part, he suddenly claims I'm giving him attitude.  I've said nothing uncivil, I just said something like, "hm, let me see."  As I look over the website, I say something else benign like "oh, here it is."  He says "see, there's that attitude again!"

I had to say "I'm canceling my order" four times while he gets more and more indignant and rude.  At no time did I raise my voice or reflect his tone of voice or anything, but he was shocked and angry that I could treat him so badly.  In the end, he just never stopped haranguing me about this "attitude" I was giving him, so I hung up and prepared myself to contest any unauthorized charge to the credit card.  (They did eventually switch my order status to 'canceled'.)

Long story short, I would rather spend the B&H price and know that it will be sent out without trouble the same day.  No upsell call, no hassle, just glad to have me as a repeat customer.  They even included a few bonus tie-in accessories like an equip bag and spare third-party battery.

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