Disapointed in my Df.

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About 80 percent

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There is no proof that D600/601 focusing system is any different than the D7000's. Nor I have ever seen all discrepancies stated on this site regarding D7000 focusing. My D800 is slightly faster, able to focus in darker and has more & wider spread. In everyday I see no difference unless critical work.

Specs, as per Nikon:

D7000 AF module: "Multi-cam 4800 DX", 39 focus points including 9 cross-type, sensitivity -1EV to +19EV

D600 AF module: "Multicam 4800", 39 focus points including 9 cross-type, sensitivity -1EV to +19EV

Df AF module: "Multicam 4800", 39 focus points including 9 cross-type, sensitivity -1EV to +19EV

D800/E AF module: "Multicam 3500 FX", 51 focus points including 15 cross-type, sensitivity -2 to +19EV. In other words the D800's AF engine is TWICE as sensitive as that on the D7000 or D7100 or D600 or D610 or Df. Which can be a pretty big deal.

Interestingly, the D4s apparently also uses the 3500FX but has a range only from -1EV vs -2EV on the D800/E. So it seems that anyone who needs to regularly AF w/o assist light in ow light conditions, is better off w a D800/E.

And how do other brands compare?
- at Canon the most sensitive AF engine is on the 5D3, 61 points o/w 41 cross-type, sensitivity -2EV to +18EV

- at Panasonic, i.e. mirrorless, the GX7 can AF in as little as -4EV. In other words the humble GX7 can focus in as little light as 4 TIMES LESS LIGHT than a D800/E can. And, 8 times less light than a Df / D600 / D7100 / D7000 can. Ouch!

Hi PerL,

nice shot! Helped by f4 giving it quite a bit of DOF and thus hiding any so-so performance from the AF engine...

Thanks Antoine. F4 at 200 mm is really not a deep DOF. For instance I don't believe there is a single native lens in the m43 format that gives an eqv shallow DOF even wide open.

- did I ever say that the D7000 could not focus at all? Nope - all I said was that its AF engine is far from the best there is. My D7k also has delivered me tons of in-focus shots of moving subjects, especially if not moving too fast (a cross-country skier is a good example). But the hit rate is not that great.

This is from a sprint competition with the world elite, so I think they move faster than for instance the runners in the OP:s post. Here is Charlotte Kalla - olympic champion:

As for the hit rate - the first shot I showed was from an 11 frames series at 6fps with two out-of-focus, so about 80 percent. Here are the five frames before the shot:

In some other series the hit rate was less because of severe backlight that flared the lens, but when the light was even the hit rate was higher again. Overall I would say the hit rate was about 80 percent, (compared to about 95 percent with the AF system of the D300s). This was shooting at AF-C release priority, full 6 fps with no slow down.

But one key element is a fast focusing lens, like the 70-200 VRI used here

- I did say however that the AF engine on the D7000, did struggle in lower light levels. And it really does. And I give the specs above. I think that if people buy a much more expensive camera like a Df, with a larger sensor giving it less DOF all else being equal, then perhaps it would have been smart to put a better AF engine in that camera. And given that the said camera does very well in low light, then it's even more of a shame that its AF engine cannot AF in low light

This is of course in good light. A few shots in the shade:

Its not really low light, but the m43 CDAF camera you refer to probably can't AF-C nearly as well.

I believe the 39 pt AF system in D7000/D610/Df is good enough/workable for most kind of shooting if you pair it with the right lens. However, I agree that at the price point the Df might well have the best AF-system, or even better - a little lower price.

BTW - the focusing in low light of the GX7 - surely it depends on the amount of contrast, since it is a CDAF system?

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