Live view on D600 worthless?

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Re: Live view on D600 worthless?

swestphotos wrote:

It says you own the d3200 and d7000 as well as the d610, so you don't have exposure simulation on any of those I'm guessing? Someone with the D800 says that it does have it.

Thanks for letting me know the name of the feature... now I can google it!

your question has intrigued me, even though i don't typically use live view much in my shooting. but i'm not posting to give you a non-answer answer: i have just now actually tested my D800 and Df side by side to see how they measure up on the live view count.

first off, it is absolutely true that neither one has anywhere near a serviceable "exposure simulation." if that's what you seek, the D800 will not satisfy you. (by the way, the tip about closing the shutter blind is very interesting, so whatever the outcome of this thread, i've learned something!)

one thing i am rather astonished by is how bright, sharp and non-laggy the Df is in live view. i actually tried a couple of exposures using it at a club show i attended the other night, and was instantly impressed by the clarity of the live view rendering on the LCD. if the Df didn't have a OVF, i could stand the LCD display...

i wonder, since a lot of its detractors say the Df is just basically a restyled D600, whether the live view rendering on the D600 is comparable to the Df's. i did notice the other day, when i removed the round eyepiece from my Df, the underneath was the same type of viewfinder entrance as the D600 and my DX cameras, so it got me to thinking about just how similar they are under the skin.

sorry in advance if my answer is considered a non-answer by the OP.

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