Disapointed in my Df.

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Neither helps a camera w cleaner high ISO but that can't focus in low light ;-)

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Buy the GX7

I like taking photographs, but I don't enjoy accumulating cameras. My D7k is good not great, it's too large and heavy, but I own some nice glass to go w it (85mm f1.4 among other things) so I'm in no rush to change.

But one thing is for sure: I am not buying another DSLR in my life, Nikon or other.

So yes, when I see that my D7k's AF engine is supposed to not go below -1EV, whereas that on the GX7 is good down to just -4EV i.e. 8 TIMES LESS LIGHT (and 4 times less light than where the D800 stops), it does raise my attention.

It's no good having AF that shoots in the dark if the files that come out of the camera are as noisy as a dance music festival.

Having moved from mirrorless (X-Pro1) I am constantly amazed that people complain about the AF in the Df (and the D800, and the D...)

(1) Like I said, I'm intrigued when I see that a GX7 can focus down to -4EV which is 8 TIMES LESS LIGHT than where my D7000 stops.  Mind you, my pocketable superzoom can focus in less light than my D7000 can.  That's one example of how obsolete the DSLR design is, with the AF being based on whatever light is left after going through a tiny (equivalent to f8) semi-transparent area and hitting a tiny AF chip.  I sait "intrigued", not "ready to buy".  I've never experienced that buying a newer camera made any difference to the photos produced.

(2) your argument can easily be reversed.  Of course a GX7 is a bit noisier than a D800 - and it had better be, considering that this is a much smaller much lighter much cheaper camera, with a sensor with half the area!  So you're saying "what's the use of a GX7 focusing down to -4EV if the files are going to be terrible?"  To which one could just as easily counter, "what's the use of a camera with great low-light files, if it can't focus in low light levels?"

Mind you, and as per the specs above, the D800 can focus down to -2EV, i.e. just half the light levels where the Df stops.  So the D800 is a much more credible low-light camera - too bad the sensor in the Df (the same as in the D4) has better low light performance than that on the D800...

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