Hate me - I speak the truth!

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Hate me - I speak the truth!

I was casting my eyes over the career builder job adverts today. Sure - like everybody else i'm after a new job. I was mildly surprised not to see the place festooned with adverts for photographers. I guess that scam is so old now that it's well recognised.

There are a ton of scams out there - particularly aimed at exploiting the newbie who still harbors romantic notions about photography as a career rather than as the sales job with an itty-bitty bit of photography on top.

article on photo job scams

There are still a lot of scammers out there in just about every field. Right now they seem to be leaving photographers alone. That'll change though. For a laugh, I went along to one of the typical scam interviews. The email they sent in response to my one-click advert looked very spammy which was my number one clue that it wasn't a genuine vacancy.

Oh, I'd best describe how a scammy job goes. It applies to photography jobs too. I went along with it for half an hour's entertainment since I had to be on that side of town to visit my dentist anyway.

I found the place - it was a hole in the wall office. All the furniture looked well worn and cheap - possibly rented or quickly installed Ikea junk. There were no posters nor pictures on the walls. There were sharply dressed "managers" interviewing people and people called in in bulk. One fellow had it just about right, turning up in tennis shoes, jeans and a tee-shirt. Anyway, the clue there was that the "managers" were dressed in an outrageously swanky manner. Another clue was the way the office looked as though the entire staff could vanish with all their papers and product in the trunk of a small car.

In the interview, I'd turned up to be interviewed for a manager position. I was told that I'd have to work my way up to manager and I'd have to spend the first two weeks selling garbage by going door to door. That's the third clue that it's a scam. How that scam works is you have to find the market for the product so you sell to all your friends and family. After that you can't sell any more product so they fire you and move onto the next sucker. It goes without saying that it's commission only. It's quite like the photo sales I mentioned in my article.

When the guy was looking me straight in the eye telling me that baloney, it was hard not to laugh. Keeping a straight face when he asked me if I had any questions, I asked what the career progression was. That was where he floundered badly (I don't know how many hints that is that it's fraudulent). That was when it took 4 months to work up to manager. I bade him farewell and left not expecting ever to hear from him again and afterwards refretting that I didn't call him on his baloney there and then.

Anyway, read the article and see if you recognise anything.

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