Live view on D600 worthless?

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Re: Live view on D600 worthless?

swestphotos wrote:

Okay, I have the Nikon D600 and I absolutely hate the live view. I was totally spoiled with the Canon cameras having the T3 models and 7D, switch to Nikon for the dynamic range and noise performance (yes it's better than Canon)... drawbacks live view royally sucks. I went from exposing the way I want and composing in live view to viewfinder only and getting annoyed with exposures and wasting shutter clicks. Yeah, I've bought a light meter, and after some time I am better at GUESSING but I don't like to guess.

Let's face it... the live view sucks on the D600. It's worthless, I use it for video and I'm not impressed that I have to switch from video mode, out of video change shutter flip back to mode... all the loud clunking around on the camera isn't fun. The zoomed in refresh rate is even more frustrating.

Just curious if this is the case on the D800 and d7100 and d5300 and anything else coming out with Nikon... cause if it is, I may just go back to Canon. Pretty frustrating for me. It's that important to me.

Focus points are the other issue, before I was able to focus in just about the whole frame. Not I have only the middle of the frame... You've probably heard this all before but my question is...

Does this happen on the other nikon cameras?

Firstly, the focus point issue is about going from crop to FF rather than changing brands. Search the forums and think about the issue a bit and it will become clear to you.

Secondly, Live View exposure monitoring. I think you need to read the manual and find out how to turn on live histogram and the relevant exposure setting. I have the 800e and it can do this and assume the 600 can do likewise but happy to be corrected if wrong. There are limitations but for 90% of situations it works OK. EDIT: sorry I am wrong about this. Did a quick search and found the D600 does not have this. WTF!

Thirdly, the refresh rate and low light viewing in LV. This is rubbish and for the life of me I cannot see why they implemented it this way. It mars and otherwise near perfect camera AFAIAC.

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