Live view on D600 worthless?

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Re: Live view on D600 worthless?

I'm talking about when you switch to live view, what you see there is not what you get after you click the pic. Also if you change shutter or aperature or iso there is no change in live view. You can go into video mode and change shutter and iso, but you can't change aperature. So you have to constantly switch back and forth and change the settings to match video mode to get the look you want, but it isn't totally correct regardless.

With a light meter there is still guess work (not as much as chimping), especially when you don't have a spot meter. If I have a spot meter no guess work is needed I can work it all out pretty quick. Not nearly as quick as if I had live view working and I can just change my settings to the way I like.

On Canon that live view is absolutely flawless and amazing... why isn't it available on Nikon?

Anyway, I don't really care about all that because I'm already at the point to where I'm just going to go back to canon if they don't have an option for the live view to show me the exposure.

I don't want to know what you think about light meters or how you don't use live view... if you don't know don't answer or post... why waste time if you aren't going to answer the question.

I'm happy to explain the issue, but if you don't know what I'm talking about then just don't answer! I can't believe how many people just ignore the question and say worthless garbage. I don't care if people don't buy nikons for live view... I didn't buy the d600 for live view obviously.

I just want to know if Nikon has a camera where live view correctly shows your exposure settings and you can snap the picture. That's all I want to know, if you can answer that please post it, otherwise don't waste my time.

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