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Please Comment Or Suggest Improvements

Hi, Three weeks ago I posted a series of pics (Some winter pics from Ohio), these were untouched outside of some were cropped. I was playing around in Lightroom 5 this past weekend so I decided to edit the whole series. I would really like some feed back as to what you think of them. All comments good, bad, or indifferent are welcome, and any thoughts on improving them.
This is the basic workflow I used as a guide, prior to this I used mine but after reading some other post on this forum suggesting to watch Anthony Morganti on YouTube (These are good videos to watch on Lightroom 5) I am basically using his for the following (a) pics.

Lightroom 5.3 (Windows) - DEVELOP - Basic Workflow
1. (Crop Overlay) Straighten and or Crop Picture.
2. (Lens Corrections Basic) - Check the first two box's.
3. (Basic) White Balance - Sometimes one of the presets like Daylight is better than As Shot
4. (Basic) Exposure - Adjusts midtone exposure
5. (Basic) Highlights - Slide to -100 - Reduce to eliminate clipping.
6. (Basic) Shadow - Slide to +100 - Increase to show detail in shadows
7. (Basic) Whites - Hold Alt Key move slider (screen turns black) to the right until you just start to see some specks - To restore whiteness. Occasionally reduce to eliminate clipping in harsh light
8. (Basic) Blacks - Hold Alt Key move slider (screen turns white) to the left until you start to see some blotches more then with the whites - Reducing restores richness and depth, while increasing restores detail in darkest areas
9. (Basic) Contrast - If Needed - Almost always increase to keep image from looking flat.
10. (Basic) Clarity - Gives image punch. Almost never reduce unless it is a portrait.
11. (Basic) Vibrance - Intelligent saturation based on starting saturation. Use in preference to Saturation.
12. (Basic) Saturation - Avoid Use - Unless necessary.
13. (HLS) Saturation - Use color sliders, (normally pertaining to the colors in the picture).
14. (HLS) Luminance - Use color sliders, (normally pertaining to the colors in the picture).
15. (Detail) Noise Reduction - Focus on eye, Luminance try 40 to 50 Reduces sharpness so do it before sharpening.
16. (Detail) Sharpening - Focus on eye, Amount try 65 to 75.
17. (Effects) Highlight Priority - Amount - You can if you like slide right for white, or left for a black vignette.

Photo 1

Photo 1a

Photo 2

Photo 2a

Photo 3

Photo 3a

Photo 4

Photo 4a

Photo 5

Photo 5a

Photo 6

Photo 6a

Photo 7

Photo 7a

Photo 8

Photo 8a

Photo 9

Photo 9a

Photo 10

Photo 10a

Photo 11

Photo 11a

Photo 12

Photo 12a

Photo 13

Photo 13a

Photo 14

Photo 14a

Photo 15

Photo 15a

Photo 16

Photo 16a

Photo 17

Photo 17a

Photo 18

Photo 18a

Photo 19

Photo 19a

Photo 20

Photo 20a

Photo 21

Photo 21a

Have fun first and get better as you go. Good shootin to ya
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