Cheap variant of FT 1 adapter

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Re: Cheap variant of FT 1 adapter

Paul Pasco wrote:

_sem_ wrote:

dougjgreen1 wrote:

Keep in mind that lensrentals has a commercial agenda there.

I don't think there was a commercial agenda there. But their quest was related to the A7r and best lenses to compete with the D800, so they had high expectation. And testing on the optical bench is very sensitive to misalignment, because the lens is supposed to be exactly at inf and with zero tilt or shift, as much as I understand.

I've actually NEVER come across a cheap adapter that was supposed to provide for infinity focus that didn't. If anything, if they get the distance wrong, it's on the side of being too thin, which means you can focus past infinity - that maybe happens with around 10% of the cheap adapters. Maybe another 10% of them have a slight wobble with mounted lenses - to me, this is the more significant problem, because it means that the top and bottom of the frame will have slightly different focus points. But as I said, this is maybe a problem with 10% of these adapters - if it is, you simply return it, or throw it away, and get another one - not so bad for something that costs $10-15. And certainly better than paying $50 or more for a supposedly better but also dumb adapter with no electrical pass through contacts.

I've got one wobbly adapter from Photodiox. The problem with adapters is that it is difficult to guess which of them is reasonably well made for the money...

Unfortunately, Nikon 1 cameras don't offer most of the benefits that they could with adapted lenses, meaning no aperture priority metering. So with that system, you really need a chipped adapter - which means either the Nikon FT-1 or the Russian-made chipped adapters that cost about $65 - because they have no competition.

I understand it is possible to buy the chip separately and glue it to another adapter (which has aperture control).

Yes but the chip alone costs something like $50+ including shipping, so you might as well pay $64 and get a chipped adapter.

What if you already have the adapter?
Regards, Paul

Lili's Dad

I'd still get a chipped adapter, rather than having to mess around with gluing the chip onto one yourself - what if you did it in slightly the wrong location?  Who bears the risk of improper assembly?  You do.

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