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Mike, the key is to lower their expectations...

I have often been in the same situation where you were... where a friend asked me to photograph a wedding or a special occasion. I always agree to do it, because these are good learning experiences. But I warn them in advance that I am only an amateur photographer, and if these photos are important for them they would be better off hiring a pro to have it "done right."

Most times they still want me to do it, so I do it, and after taking a few hundred photos, and doing some post processing work on the keepers, they are thrilled.

And like I said, you can learn a lot by actually doing things. You may have read everything there is to read about shooting these events, and you might understand all the technical stuff, but there is no good substitute for actually doing it. You make plenty of mistakes, but you learn from your mistakes, and in the end your skills will improve.

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