14 bit raw... still loosing data in gradients

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14 bit raw... still loosing data in gradients

Hi everyone
I dont own fx camera now ( just got d7100 after 3 year break from d700 and d300...)
But im hoping i get more educated responses in this "pro" forum
I tried d7100 in 14 bit raw today... i cannot seem to be able to set it to uncompressed , just losless compressed= highest quality i see in the camera menu resulting in about 23-25 mb 24mp files.

Even with all the data i seem to start loosing smooth gradient color transitions ( blue clear sky is perfect example) after more extensive post procesing...
That is magnified also even more when resized for web posting 1080 pix high

Am i crazy or should the photo be resized in couple or several steps ( like via action) from 24mp to roughly full hd ( 1920x1080 ish) to make it eliminate or greatly improve this behavior and resulting in smoother or perfect gradients?

Thank you !

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