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Re: Be mindful of the focus

Thanks again for all of the great comments!

I started to pick up that the lens might be front or back focusing or my technique could be off. I've only had my D7100 since October 2013 and the lens since March 27th so I am definitely still learning. I used AFC single point and AF-ON back button. I moved the focus point to her eye to focus and then take the shot (I didn't use center focus point). Just about every shot I would do that to make sure to have her eyes in focus since I was using a pretty narrow DOF. Please comment if there is something I am doing wrong with this technique.

Mach Schnell, I was definitely worried about having not enough DOF. I used a DOF calculator that said I should have a little over a foot of DOF at the distance I was standing (about 15-20ft) at f2.8. I really wanted to test out the bokah that this lens is capable of producing that I have read about so I used large apertures. I did take a picture of her and I at f4 that still had really nice bokah.

Saturday I exchanged the lens and have a new one coming in. Not because of the possible front focusing, but because I noticed two pretty large particles in the lens. I almost talked myself out of exchanging it because I didn't notice the particles in the pictures or test pictures I took. I figured, might as well since I was still in the return policy.

When the new lens comes in I will do more scientific front/back focusing tests and then hopefully fix that with the camera.

Dave Ingraham, I bought and exchanged my lens through Best Buy which still looks like they have it in stock.

Thanks all!

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