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Re: what to replace my old rig with...

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psideburns wrote:

Thanks to all the advice. now im in a position to get a loaded d700 or a d600 with a grip and a replaced shutter. One last time, money being equal i like the big clean files of the d600 but would the af be dissapointing? I need first hand advice from users, I have read everything there is out there to read and the af seems to be the only thing that might be frustrating. im used to the af in my 2 series pros and dont want to go backwards from them.

Thousands and thousands and thousands of D600 owners are taking great shots daily and you're wondering if the AF is disappointing? You're over thinking this. Just get the D700 since you've, I guess, not read anything "disappointing" about it.

Maybe so but for sports, I know nothing is as dissappointing as hunting for focus or not getting it at all, esp with the 300,2.8.  I was just hoping for someone to say, hey ive got one and a pro too and the af is almost the same.

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