Using the SD1 Merrill and 20mm f1.8 EX at Trebarwith Strand Cornwall.

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Re: Using the SD1 Merrill and 20mm f1.8 EX at Trebarwith Strand Cornwall.

Hardy Steiner wrote:

I think especially the first picture could be printed in magazine. I do find taking photographs in bad weather extremely challenging.

What I also liked about the 20mm was the fairly compact size - not as compact as the Sigma 24mm 2.8 Super-Wide II, but still quite compact.

Thanks Hardy,

Yes it was was quite hard work just getting these two images due to the mist, sea spray, and wind.

The Big Stopper added another difficulty, having to get everything just right before slipping the filter into the holder and taking the slot while holding up an umbrella to keep the spray off the front of the filter.

I'm sure anyone watching would of had a good chuckle at me!

The 24mm f2.8 super-wide II is a great little lens.

I have that lens but very rarely have used it although now your making me think i should dust it off and try it on the SD1M.

I had mine for a song! £5.

The guy in a local camera shop said that the AF was noisy but i wasn't too concerned about that as MF is fine for my use.

After taking the lens home and trying it i was very impressed in it on the SD15 and although the AF was noisy it actually worked fine.

I will dust the lens off and give it a go in the coming weeks.

Kind regards Lea.

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