As of today, Sony has 7 FF cameras

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Re: As of today, Sony has 7 FF cameras

More importantly from a marketing POV, Sony has the true FF mirrorless (if some what to argue the Leica M is also one, but they are not even close in price range). The 7s sensor is also the only FF sensor that is build for 4K video shooting. We should see a few more video camera with this sensor in the near future. The RX1 is also the only FF fixed lens compact in the market. A very important player in the high end P&S market although that segment is still quite small for now.

The A99 is a good idea but unfortunately it cannot compete against Canon and Nikon FF DSLRs in terms of sales. As Sony has yet to make an impact in the DSLR market.

I do agree the FE line up needs more lenses, but it is still a new system and even if they release new lenses you cannot demand Sony just make every possible fl/aperture combo out there. Even Canon and Nikon do not do that just to match the competitiors' list. It actually is not that bad when there are so many adapters available for almost any brand to be used on the A7/r. Just look at other mirrorless brands other than Fuji, none of them really introduced a lot of serious lenses in the first or second year. It takes time to build up. At least for those who can't wait there is always the A mount line up that offers quick AF and full control on these bodies.

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