What are Zeiss manual lenses? Looks like they're coming for FE mount

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then let me simplify this:

Only ZM lens designs were unrestricted by the mirror box, all other designs require 45-50mm clearance between the sensor and the rear lens element.

The E-mount and X-mount mirrorless mounts are simple a baffle around the ZM mount, if you want to visualize it as such - with added electronics.

The older ZM designs gets as close as 12-18mm to the sensor, which is too close for FE sensors.

So, I expect a newer design which will place the rear element between this 18mm and 45mm point.

Any mirror lens design is simply overkill - look at fast WA (D)SLR lenses - they are huge - whereas the ZM (RF) lenses are tiny in comparison.

From a Zeiss' perspective, I would consider ZM, E/FE and X/FX mount as potential targets for these lenses. If electronic coupling is not needed or can be limited to e.g. EXIF only, then these lenses have three target groups.

And yes, ZM represents Zeiss M mount, but this is their mirrorless mount. ZM-derived, mirror-less derived - they are all similar in that they can place the rear element closer, enabling less retrofocal distortion, and smaller lens designs.

Even with moving the rear element outward, and perhaps switching lens designs from Biogons to other, I would still consider it ZM-derived.

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