Rokinon 14mm f2.8 woes: Who said "a new one can't be worse?" WRONG!

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Mel Snyder
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Rokinon 14mm f2.8 woes: Who said "a new one can't be worse?" WRONG!

I didn't make it out of the UPS depot parking lot to know the replacement lens was worse that the first:

The replacement lens has the LEFT side showing decentering - and it won't hit infinity.

Yesterday's had the RIGHT side out.

I just told B&H to overnight-ship me a more expensive Samyang version, even though I know they're the same lens. I want to hopeful escape the batch that the last 2 Rokinons were made in.

If that one fails, I'm done. My 17mm f3.5 AT-X Pro is much, much better than either of the two Rokinons I've received. The Tokina looks lovely 1-2 stops down, but gets ragged at the edges wide open.

17mm f3.5 Tokina @ f3.5

17mm f3.5 Tokina @ f5.6

17mm f3.5 Tokina @ 5.6

I'm going to be shooting mostly in bright sunshine, and with the great high-ISO performance of the A7, even in dark churches and synagogues I can get to f5.6 with the Tokina if I have to.

I really want the 14mm f2.8 for my trip, but I won't accept a crappy lens - not when I have both the Tokina for the A7 and the 16mm/UWA for my NEX-6.

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