What are Zeiss manual lenses? Looks like they're coming for FE mount

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IS a range of lenses, not a mount - M is a mount - ZM are Zeiss's mount mount lenses (ZF for F mount, ZE for EF mount, ZA for Alpha mount, etc).

blue_skies wrote:

It will be either ZM or FE, I really don't see other choices.

E-mount is what they said back at the end of last year isn't it?

The ZM is a Mirrorless Mount, get that? Not a lens design. It is widely used in RF cameras and adapted to all mirrorless cameras. Why in the world would Zeiss invent a new Mirrorless Mount?

Nope, ZM is a lens design - and M mount doesn't mean mirrorless - how do you focus a Leica M system camera?

Zeiss hinted that their lenses would be manual, so that implies that they would be fully operational with existing adapters and cameras.

Is they can be adapted and the flange distances work out...  Otherwise it implies that they are manual lenses (and that's all) Samyang and others already do manual lenses in e-mount too right?

As to EXIF? This is a nebulous question. It would require a new adapter, and more electronics in the lens. Sure, a FE Mount lens would be obvious, but they are already doing this with Sony Zeiss. I am not ruling it out, as Zeiss has developed lenses directly for Sony E and Fuji X APS-C mounts, rather than going the adapter route.

It can be very little electronics, it doesn't mean an adapter - if you want to use and adapted ZM (Zeiss M mount) you can already with an M mount adapter.  M mount has no electrical connections, even Leica M cameras have to guess the aperture used....
I use the ZM planar 50mm f2 at the moment just fine.

Pushing back the exit pupil does require a new lens design, but isn't that what Zeiss does? The problem with Biogon designs is that you cannot really do this - you end up with a retrofocal lens, and may as well go Distagon, Sonnar or Planar, depending on lens focal length and aperture.

Yes - but why would they make that as a ZM lens for a Sony E-mount version?

If Zeiss produces a fully automatic AF/AE/EXIF lens, it will be like a Touit lens for FE, and will most likely require software correction profiles to keep the lens compact.

But they've already said it will be manual haven't they?  So ignore AF - look at what they do in other mounts already - if you buy a ZF2 for Nikon the camera gets the full EXIF and controls the aperture - they are the same size as the ZF that they replaced (that had no electronic coupling) - these are manual lenses...

If not, I can imagine a ZM lens with contacts to mate with a future adapter.

It could happen but it seems a little far fetched - adding electronics to an M mount lens when M mount has no electronics jsut so that you can use an adapter to get the reading on a Sony camera....

Zeiss already has a lot of experience with Sony and the digital sensors, and I am sure that they know how to circumvent the problem.

ZM or FE mount? I guess it all depends on how much electronics the lens will carry. Full electronics, expect FE, limited electronics expect ZM.

Why?  M mount has NO electronics

ZM lenses will outlast the camera, something to keep in mind.

As to resolving power - by reputation, the ZM lenses are among the highest resolving lenses ever produced. It is just their edge performance on digital FF sensors that spoils the party.

On wide angle lenses - 50mm and up have no issues.

FWIW, the Touit lenses are derived from ZM designs, whereas the E24Z was derived from a Sonnar design. As good as the E24Z is, look at its size - compare it with the FE35, another ZM derived design.

You know that for a fact do you Henry?  So they added all the electronics to ZM lenses, made them autofocus and APS-C image circle...  Sounds like that would have been a poor place to start...

I'm not saying that I know that you're wrong - but that jsut doesn't sound practical to me.

(And for good measure, I consider ZM an evolution of Contax-G lens designs).

But they are very different spec wise too!  Different focal lengths and apertures for a start as well as the G being autofocus and auto aperture control.

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