GAS - In My Hands Again (Manual Focus Ride Again)

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Re: GAS - In My Hands Again (Manual Focus Ride Again)

michaeladawson wrote:

user_name wrote:

Since the FM3a is a fully manual camera, you either select Aperture Priority or manually select the shutter speed and aperture combination that suits the situation.

What makes it work so well is the analog meter on the left of the viewfinder. It makes selecting the right combination of aperture and shutter speed so simple and quick.

I don't get this comment. I grew up on film cameras starting with a Minolta SRT-102 back in the 70s. The match needle analog operation for setting the camera's exposure worked well. But now that we're in the digital age I don't see any real difference in ease of use of a DSLR's electronic meter. If you want a set up like a the old film cameras set your DSLR to center weighted metering. Then use the digital scale to adjust aperture and shutter.

I can totally get the enjoyment out of using the old analog system. But I don't see how it is any easier.

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Mike Dawson

The meter scale on my D800 has 13 steps, which is a little crude compared to a true analog dial.

You are right that the information is there on the D800, but I prefer actual analog needles as they are much easier to see subtle movements and trends.

The shutter speed indicator is also an analog needle and makes it easier to read than it does if it is a digital number.  I can explain that and how the brain processes that in greater detail, but it would probably bore everyone.

The difference between the the D800 and the FM3a is not all that great in the grand scheme, but it feels a little easier for me to use.

I know the D800 does 10X more than the FM3a as far as features go, but I find a camera like the FM3a covers 99% of what I want for casual shooting, which means that the other 90% of the D800's features is just baggage most of the time.

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