Disapointed in my Df.

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You don't know what the hell you're talking about. Take your zone focusing and stick it. I've been shooting Relays since 2006, and this is Relay #37. American Cancer Society is very happy about my work. Rowan University is ecstatic. You got a lot to learn about charity events.

My god. People are/were only trying to help you, myself included.

You were the one asking for help and now you turn on everyone like a rabid dog.

I think that is more disappointing than your camera's performance.

Here is what I was responding to.

That's exactly the point. 50 GOOD shots. Of the 336 shots you got, I'd guess no more than 50 are good. With zone focusing you don't feel so rushed to get every shot, so you actually wait until the right moment when something new or exciting is happening.

Which brings me to my next point: How many interesting photos can you really get -- or would you really need -- from one indoor charity stroll?

As I mentioned before, I've been shooting Relays since 2006. One thing I found on most charity events is that people love to have their picture taken. I shot 496 pictures, which I used 336. There were over 1,000 participants, and I was there four 14 hours. There's nothing special about the pictures, in fact you can call them snap shots. There are some Relays where I'll struggle to get 150 decent shots in 12 hours, and other Relays where I'll be over 500 shots in five hours. I don't need to have someone tell me telling what shots to use. Rowan University is thrilled over the pictures.

I cover cancer bike-a-thons. The riders, who are the fun raisers, love getting pictures of themselves crossing the finish line. Doesn't take much skill in getting the pictures, just having the right equipment does. The Philly American Cancer Society considers it important enough to ensure I cover the finish line. Who is someone to tell me that 50 "good" shots are better than 336, when the pictures of the 336 are the ones who helped raise money for cancer awareness. In my immediate family I lost a mother, father and brother to cancer. My two sisters have breast cancer, one in remission, one going through chemo. Both sisters tested positive for the mutation in the brca2 gene. Both sisters are going to have their ovaries removed. So I take a snap shot of someone who raised $50. You know what I say, here's my card to my site where you can download your picture for free, and thank you for helping speed the day that no other family has to suffer like mine. Guess what, that person going to be back next year and maybe raise $75, and maybe recruit another person to Relay with them. As long as the pictures are in focus and I don't have to many duplicates, I will use them. Out of 496 pictures shot, there were no more than three that were out of focus. I lost more pictures because the Df wouldn't shoot, and I wasn't about to tolerate that seeing I had a spare camera with me in my car.

I think what you do is wonderful.

What's that got to do with being rude to people that are trying to help you?

Obviously, there is a lack of understanding between you and those that responded.

Obviously, the Dƒ's autofocus is inferior to some other cameras and may not be the best tool for your needs. However, people were just trying to offer ways to overcome some of those limitations.

Obviously, no one is going to be able to fix the Dƒ so it focuses like the D4, so you either need to find ways to work around the problem or get another camera.

Choices are D800, D700, D610, D3 series, or the D4. Maybe you could rent one to see what works best.

I just mentioned I switch to the D800 in my original post.

Understood.  Great camera.

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