Cheap variant of FT 1 adapter

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Re: Cheap variant of FT 1 adapter

_sem_ wrote:

yslee1 wrote:

Please remember the FT1 has more than just electrical contacts. It also has a motor and a lever to actuate the aperture diaphragm lever. I also suspect it's not just a simple pass-through as well.

In short: You really do get what you pay for with the FT1. It might be overpriced, but it's the only way to properly use AF-S VR G-type lenses on the Nikon 1.

The FT-1 also has a firmware Even the FT-1 does not let one properly use AF-S G type lenses (central AF point only...). N1 series was not really designed with true F-mount compatibility in mind.

The main problem with some such cheapo adapters is that they don't let you adjust the aperture even manually, so a G-type lens with no aperture ring stays at min aperture all the time, which is pretty useless. You need at least an adapter with an aperture lever for G lenses.

I understand auto metering with unindentified lenses is somewhat hampered on N1 compared to some other mirrorless cameras, and the AE chip on one of the adapters above helps a bit. But you don't get VR I guess.

And cheapo adapters may not be made with the required strict tolerances; for instance, just a little too thick, and you don't get good focus at infinity...

Keep in mind that lensrentals has a commercial agenda there.   I've actually used dozens of cheapo adapters in 4/3 and micro 4/3, where the system still provides metering and aperture priority auto.

I've actually NEVER come across a cheap adapter that was supposed to provide for infinity focus that didn't.  If anything, if they get the distance wrong, it's on the side of being too thin, which means you can focus past infinity - that maybe happens with around 10% of the cheap adapters.  Maybe another 10% of them have a slight wobble with mounted lenses - to me, this is the more significant problem, because it means that the top and bottom of the frame will have slightly different focus points.   But as I said, this is maybe a problem with 10% of these adapters - if it is, you simply return it, or throw it away, and get another one - not so bad for something that costs $10-15.  And certainly better than paying $50 or more for a supposedly better but also dumb adapter with no electrical pass through contacts.

Unfortunately, Nikon 1 cameras don't offer most of the benefits that they could with adapted lenses, meaning no aperture priority metering.  So with that system, you really need a chipped adapter - which means either the Nikon FT-1 or the Russian-made chipped adapters that cost about $65 - because they have no competition.

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