Disapointed in my Df.

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I hate to change cameras often - but yes why should the AF on the GX7 be so sensitive?

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There is no proof that D600/601 focusing system is any different than the D7000's. Nor I have ever seen all discrepancies stated on this site regarding D7000 focusing. My D800 is slightly faster, able to focus in darker and has more & wider spread. In everyday I see no difference unless critical work.

Specs, as per Nikon:

D7000 AF module: "Multi-cam 4800 DX", 39 focus points including 9 cross-type, sensitivity -1EV to +19EV

D600 AF module: "Multicam 4800", 39 focus points including 9 cross-type, sensitivity -1EV to +19EV

Df AF module: "Multicam 4800", 39 focus points including 9 cross-type, sensitivity -1EV to +19EV

D800/E AF module: "Multicam 3500 FX", 51 focus points including 15 cross-type, sensitivity -2 to +19EV. In other words the D800's AF engine is TWICE as sensitive as that on the D7000 or D7100 or D600 or D610 or Df. Which can be a pretty big deal.

Interestingly, the D4s apparently also uses the 3500FX but has a range only from -1EV vs -2EV on the D800/E. So it seems that anyone who needs to regularly AF w/o assist light in ow light conditions, is better off w a D800/E.

And how do other brands compare?
- at Canon the most sensitive AF engine is on the 5D3, 61 points o/w 41 cross-type, sensitivity -2EV to +18EV

- at Panasonic, i.e. mirrorless, the GX7 can AF in as little as -4EV. In other words the humble GX7 can focus in as little light as 4 TIMES LESS LIGHT than a D800/E can. And, 8 times less light than a Df / D600 / D7100 / D7000 can. Ouch!

Buy the GX7

I like taking photographs, but I don't enjoy accumulating cameras.  My D7k is good not great, it's too large and heavy, but I own some nice glass to go w it (85mm f1.4 among other things) so I'm in no rush to change.

But one thing is for sure:  I am not buying another DSLR in my life, Nikon or other.

So yes, when I see that my D7k's AF engine is supposed to not go below -1EV, whereas that on the GX7 is good down to just -4EV i.e. 8 TIMES LESS LIGHT (and 4 times less light than where the D800 stops), it does raise my attention.

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