A6000, E-M10 or GX7?

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A6000, E-M10 or GX7?

I have but a small dilemna. My wife tasked me with purchasing a new camera for her business and family use to replace our Olympus SZ-30 point-and-shooter. The latter is a fine camera but details often times tend to be blurry. This is something I wanted to do for a long time myself (getting a better camera), but now I have an excuse

So here is her criteria:

  1. Does not like heavy and bulky cameras.
  2. Must be able to take clear and sharp close-up shots of decorative items indoor under any decent lighting conditions. This includes at night when there are only 2 lights in the room at 800 Lumens each.
  3. Must be easy to operate.
  4. It's a big plus if the camera can do in camera panoramic stitching.
  5. Must be aestetically "pleasing"...that is so subjective...but at least I was able to tease out...she doesn't like all black designs.

Here is my criteria:

  1. Must have manual modes available. (I want to learn and grow in this field.)
  2. Must be able to easy to operate in non-automatic mode (no long digging in menus).
  3. Must be able to take sharp and clear photos with a fast moving kid.
  4. Must have built-in flash.
  5. Should have capability for zoom.
  6. Must be <$900 preferably $800.

Based on this criteria, DSLRs are just out (which I originally was looking into), and I have identified 3 models that I like: Sony A6000, Olympus OM-D E-M10, and Panasonic GX7

The problem: None of them is perfect.

The GX7 seems to have it all except IBIS is not that great, and the price: $1000+ (with tax). It's interesting...it seems the GX7 was meant to be marketed in a different class...but with the A6000 and E-M10 coming out I can't help but think that the GX7 is overpriced and should actually be priced at the level of the previous two cameras.

Olympus seems have great IBIS, great photo quality, "great aestetics" with that 12-42 EZ pancake lense, but no IB panoramic stitching, and with that latter lense we are also looking at $1000+ although with the other standard lense, it's only $800+. Both of us like the "looks" of this camera.

Sony A6000 seems to have it all as well including panoramic shots and even the price! However, I am reading again and again that compared to the NEX 6 the A6000 menu is slightly improved but still not as "easy" to use as either the GX7 or E-M10. Not having a touch screen is contributing to the difficulty...I don't know if this is true or not...I only had the chance to try out the NEX 6 which I did find confusing to use (so a non-starter for my wife...) but the A6000 is supposed to be "upgraded". Also a conern: Since I will be purchasing at some point at least a macro lense/converter, a prime lense and a lense with more powerful zoom...MFTs have much better and affordable selection compared to Sony's E-mount system...

At the end of the day, I know that all three cameras will be great cameras. But some great insights and or opinions from users of the three cameras would be appreciated to help with decision making.

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