Anybody Like Windows 8.1?

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Re: Anybody Like Windows 8.1?

Mark B. wrote:

WryCuda wrote:

Today I helped a friend set up a new computer with Windows 8.1. Seems like a half-hearted attempt at a touch-screen OS; luckily I was soon able to revert to the Desktop mode.

Yes, apparently Windows 8 was live tiles only. Due to the backlash 8.1 was released which gave access to the desktop.

Blatantly false.  Windows 8 has always included a desktop.

Windows RT is a version of Windows that is designed to run on ARM based processors.  While it too includes a desktop, it is limited to use by Windows system processes and Office.

What was MS thinking? The only reason that I was able to make much sense of the Start mode was that I am familiar with the iPad. Seems that the rather curious "Start Button" has now grown to encompass the whole screen.

Haven't the foggiest what their thinking was - I guess they assumed the entire population of Window users were going to toss their desktops out the window in favor of a Windows tablet. Sorry MS, the desktop still does many things that I can't do with a tablet.

Desktop has been there since the beginning.  It's almost like you've made all these opinions without having used it for even a second.

An odd strategy to say the least.

My friend, previously a Windows XP user, was totally mystified by the whole process of setting up the new computer.

Part of the process involved registering with Microsoft in order to download software; just a little bit like the App Store, don't you think? I was able to quickly progress through this hurdle only because I keep a dormant Hotmail account.

Yep, that's exactly what it is.

Anyhow, it seems to be working well. An i7 processor with 16Gb RAM doesn't mess around! The all-in-one design of the computer does away with a lot of cabling. Next phase will be transferring email and setting up legacy applications.

Any comments welcome. This is not a PC vs. Apple war; I'm a long-time Windows user.

I too am in the process of upgrading from a Vista system - i7 based with a 256GB SSD primary drive and 12GB ram. I added dual internal 3TB drives. I'm learning to work with the new desktop; I understand there is an 8.1.1 release just available that will bring back the 'old' Start button.
I would have preferred a Win 7 system. My laptop is Win 7 and it's great to work with. The 8.1 desktop systems seemed to have better specs. I probably could have purchased all the components on my own and assembled them myself but I don't have enough patience or time. 8.1 isn't terrible, but it certainly wasn't well thought out. Clearly MS should have had a separate OS for tablets.


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