Sony Alpha A550 problem: shutter button or software/firmware?

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Martin Vahl New Member • Posts: 4
Sony Alpha A550 problem: shutter button or software/firmware?

Hi all,

is there anyone out there who can help me adressing the problem I'm having with my Sony A550 DSLR camera?

I just recently bought this camera, thinking it was 100% OK. But I turns out there is a major problem with it:

When I switch the camera on, everything works as it should. But when I lightly/half-press the shutter button, immediately a picture is taken, without having to press the button all the way down.
This is rather strange, but it gets worse: after this first (and only) picture, I can no longer take any other pictures. Everything works perfectly, flash pops up when needed, live view works, screen info is correct... but no matter how often or hard I push the shutter button, nothing happens. This is until I switch the camera off and back on again, then it's the same thing again: I get to take one picture, thats it.

The one picture I CAN take is just fine, it looks the way it should be, and the shutter opens normally afterwards, so no sticky-shutter issue here.

But what causes the malfunctioning of the camera then? At first I suspected the shutter button, but this doesný make sense, does it? Why does it work (though half pressed instead of fully pressed) the first time, but no more after that?

Additional info: just tried to use continuous shutter option (in the menu where you can select 10 second auto option et cetera) and then when I push the shutter button it gets stuck making pictures. Sometimes five, sometimes ten at a time, sometimes even more. But this time I CAN make another series of pictures afterwards. Only annoying detail is that the screen turns black, so I can't see what I'm doing. Also, trying to view pictures by pushing the 'Play' button doesnt work. Switching from OVF to Live View and back solves both of these problems.

In 'Hi' mode it's the same: it takes a few pictures at once, then it stops. But I can use it again immediately, although the screen is (again) totally black, and again viewing pictures is impossible until switching from OVF to Live View..

I hope someone can help me out here, because I want to use it, that's what I bought it for..

Thanks in advance,
(The Netherlands)

Sony Alpha DSLR-A550
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