Auto ISO in Manual Mode. OLY m43 system

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My work around: Auto ISO in Manual mode

I agree that Auto ISO in manual mode could be more sophisticated. Until such time I’ve implemented my own work around. I’m sure other users may also do this.

For me, the purpose of using Auto ISO in manual mode is when I’m constantly on the move and I want to enable a fast shutter speed but control my aperture. If I use shutter priority my camera tends to default to the maximum aperture (if light is not plentiful), making my depth of field too shallow.

On my Olympus E-M5 I assign the right side button on the 4-way controller to ISO. When I’m on the move and using Auto ISO in manual mode and come across a situation where I may want to apply some compensation, I press the right side button and use the front dial to scroll through the ISOs. It displays + and – values just like exposure compensation in other modes, so when I reach my desired compensation I take the picture then return it to Auto. If the ISO is set up for half or whole stops it reduces the scrolling. I shoot JPEG + Raw so I’ll often compensate in post when suitable.

I don’t find it much different from using exposure compensation in another mode, except I need to press a button before I turn the dial. It works for me.

I posted an article on my blog about Auto ISO in Manual mode.

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