GAS - In My Hands Again (Manual Focus Ride Again)

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Re: GAS - In My Hands Again (Manual Focus Ride Again)

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1. If you are like me and appreciate the finer things associated with instant gratification, shooting and waiting for film to be developed and scanned is going to be a real paradigm shift.

Paradigm shift? Digital is the paradigm shift.

Depends which side of the fence you started.

Used film a little as I grew up with borrowed cameras, but didn't get into photography until after the digital age. Started with an Olympus 500 kb (yep, that's kilo-byte) digital and then jumped to a Nikon D2H as my first real camera.  Yes, that was a big leap, too.

After another D2H and  D2Hs I got the D700, then the D800, a M8, and recently this FM3a.

By the way, I used that Olympus during premed biology class to take pictures through their microscopes.  I would hand hold that camera over the eyepiece and was amazed how well it worked.

Printed the results and pasted them into my notebooks.  Made that class a lot easier.

Film has been with us for decades. It's the model that digital is based upon. People seem to want their digital files to look like film (which is partly why Nik, DxO, and VSCO software are profitable.) If one wants a film aesthetic then just use film.

I use the Nikon F3, the Leica M6 and M4, a 4x5 view camera, and FX DSLR and mirrorless APS-C digital cameras all on a pretty equal basis. They are all great tools for their own specific applications.

Within a lexicon of image making we call a daguerreotype a daguerreotype. And cyanotype is a cyanotype. A tintype is a tintype ( Maybe an image originating with film should still be called a photograph but an image created with a digital camera should instead be called an electrograph.

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