Auto ISO in Manual Mode. OLY m43 system

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Re: Why no Ev compensation with Auto ISO in Manual?

Hi Tom

I think you are saying that the Em1 can do Exposure compensation on Manual and AutoISO.  - that is the mechanics are now possible.  From my point of view - GREAT!!!

I hope you are right and will test it out in the next couple of days.

I think you are also saying that the others are just saying it is not a good idea and that there are better ways of determining the best exposure.

I guess there are better ways than my guessing what the scene needs,  comparing that with how I think the camera will meter the exposure, and then make my Exposure compensation based on these two evaluations which are only based on my experience.

Mine is just what I think is right from my experience of camera and scenes.  It is not based on great technical knowledge.



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