why are "some" people so insulting and rude on this forum?

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Re: Swing and a miss

LeicaBOSS wrote:

I am glad you enjoyed my corn flakes. Sadly, you may have a profound misunderstanding of the purpose of that thread, particularly as it was most pointedly directed at broad imaging conclusions drawn from test charts.

If one can demonstrate that a lens can draw a very good image in the worst of lighting and shooting conditions (I.e. in a dark closet with a single, crappy light source, of a not-quite planar subject, right in the shutter-shock zone)... How can one say this is irrelevant? One might be surprised that a much-maligned lens can render a rather convincing image in such a circumstance (but still mushy in the corners at 24mm).

Your dismissive (and exquisitely incorrect) assumptions about the concept and commentary are actually a wonderful example of the the behavior that this thread targets.

If we didn't know you had a heart of gold, one might see your comment as arrogant... incapable of recognizing the value in small pieces of the puzzle that various contributors bring.

(PS. I don't mind a few punches being thrown in forums, really no offense taken. Scarcasm and roasting are fair game in Jersey)

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From time to time, I point my camera at the right things. This is generally when I forget everything I've learned.

Well my issue with home shooters is I only have their word as to their technique. Did someone shoot one handed, two handed, on top of a ladder, with a cheap table top tripod or a high end tripod. What was the wattage of the lights, were the lights 10 year old? Who knows what anyone is doing?

I could climb on top of my house in ten degree weather without a jacket shaking from the cold and who knows by the picture? A lot of getting good images is good technique something we all seem to have forgotten. Even with these ultra modern stabilized cameras good technique still goes for a lot of it.

Someone mentioned

the D800s mirror slap. Yes it's real I have a D800. As far as the a7R I have never gotten a blurry image on tripod unless the tripod moved during the exposure, the camera wasn't secure enough on the tripod or I just missed focus, just like my D800.

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