What are Zeiss manual lenses? Looks like they're coming for FE mount

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Re: It comes from "Internet reasoning"

Yes I'm inclined to agree tn1kr; if any 'basing' goes on it'll be the SLR lenses. They could just decide that FE is another mount. Someone said that if that was all they were going to do it could have been done ages ago, but they have in the past taken forever to add new mounts!

But if they aren't just going to use existing lenses, there's not much basing to be done. Moving an exit pupil is not just a alteration - you need pretty much a whole new design.

And I'd be surprised if biogon designs could be made to work on the A7r to the required standard. The symmetrical arrangement usually produces ray angles that are hard to deal with on high res ff sensors. I'm guessing cooke-triplet descendants like sonnars, or distagons. That's if they produce new designs, which I hope they do.

I wonder if the ZM thought arose in an off the cuff comment that Andrea made on SAR? I don't think that was real information, just the thought that ZMs are small, and small lenses would be nice on the A7 series.

Well they would be nice; but can we get small on a modern digital sensor if we want good?

the 55 is large for a 1.8 (well worth it)

the 24-70 is indeed small; but pays an optical price for (one that I think is worth it, but many don't seem to agree)

The 35 is lovely sharp and small, but it's slowish and there is still some magenta in the corners. Once again, a set of tradeoffs I'm happy with, but tradeoffs nonetheless.

Then there's another issue: a very useful lens would be say a fast 35 which got to be small by being sharp centrally, but with a huge penumbra of unsharpness. This effect is fine for most of what we want when a lens is wide open; if anything the unsharpness in the periphery helps he bokeh. You could make one of these that was fast, and tack sharp across the field stopped down. Unfortunatley, the intent would explode when the tests revealed how unsharp in the corners it was at the first few apertures. Of course you can buy one of these (CV40 or 35 anyone?) but it'd be nice to have one that had AF, AA, EXIF and nice bokeh. Won't happen.

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