Will I sacrifice too much selling this MFT kit for this Fuji kit?

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Will I sacrifice too much selling this MFT kit for this Fuji kit?

I have estimated that I can sell my MFT kit with 5 lenses and make just enough to buy X-T1 with 3 lenses.

I know I will be getting better, cleaner files. But the hit on lens I have at disposal will be not be insignificant.

My current MFT kit:

  • Panasonic GX7
  • Olympus 12-40 f2.8
  • Panasonic 35-100 f2.8
  • Olympus 17 f1.8
  • Olympus 45 f1.8
  • Olympus 75 f1.8

The Fujifilm kit I am considering:

  • Fuji X-T1
  • XF 18-55 f2.8-4.0
  • XF 23 f1.4
  • XF 56 f1.2

On the prime side, I will still have 35mm FOV prime and a very good portrait lens. (I use both the Olympus 45 and 75 for portrait) The max apertures are also wider, so I am getting more latitude.

But on the zoom side, I will have lost the 12-40 and 35-100, both constant f2.8. The 18-55 is very good, but the f2.8 zooms are excellent.

In terms of focal length coverage, I will max out at 56 with the above Fuji kit. My current MFT kit covers significantly more with the 75 and 35-100.

How I shoot: Without going too long, I basically use the primes when situation calls for a prime, and the zooms when the situation calls for a zoom.

Worth it? Perhaps I should wait for price of both X-T1 and the 2 prime lenses to drop somewhat?

Should I consider a different Fuji kit? Replacing the 23 with 55-200?

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