Cheap variant of FT 1 adapter

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Re: Cheap variant of FT 1 adapter

yslee1 wrote:

Please remember the FT1 has more than just electrical contacts. It also has a motor and a lever to actuate the aperture diaphragm lever. I also suspect it's not just a simple pass-through as well.

In short: You really do get what you pay for with the FT1. It might be overpriced, but it's the only way to properly use AF-S VR G-type lenses on the Nikon 1.

The FT-1 also has a firmware Even the FT-1 does not let one properly use AF-S G type lenses (central AF point only...). N1 series was not really designed with true F-mount compatibility in mind.

The main problem with some such cheapo adapters is that they don't let you adjust the aperture even manually, so a G-type lens with no aperture ring stays at min aperture all the time, which is pretty useless. You need at least an adapter with an aperture lever for G lenses.

I understand auto metering with unindentified lenses is somewhat hampered on N1 compared to some other mirrorless cameras, and the AE chip on one of the adapters above helps a bit. But you don't get VR I guess.

And cheapo adapters may not be made with the required strict tolerances; for instance, just a little too thick, and you don't get good focus at infinity...

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