Some questions / considerations for buying NX30

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Some questions / considerations for buying NX30

Hello, new to this forum section.

For about 40 years I am a Nikon camera user for shooting pictures. Now I want to choose a camera mainly for video use. I am not excited in the Nikon camera offerings by the clumsy way they implement their SLR technology for video. A mirror-less camera seems better suited for it. Nikon do have their Nikon 1, but the sensor is far to tiny. At least I want to make use of an APS-C sized sensor. So that's why I am looking around for an alternative. Considering in buying a mirror-less system + one zoom lens included. For the rest it is my intention to make use of an adaptor, and using several of my Nikon mount lenses. By that solution I know only manual focus is possible. But as I still make use of several manual lenses anyway, it is not a big problem for me.

Looking around I am pleased by the Samsung offering in their NX30 model by their EVF, OLED touch screen, and the usage of focus peaking as for help for manual focusing.
Some questions although.

Found an older thread how to combine Nikon mount lenses here:

Found a website selling these adapters, including a simple aperture setting for G-lenses:

As the older Samsung thread and also the description by the adapter is saying that the light-meter of the camera is functional, I want to be sure. (Light metering by closed aperture method). So if you have experience in it, pleas give me a confirmation.

Than I have a question about the image settings. Within the manual (downloaded a PDF version) I found a section "Photo Wizard". I found Standard, Portrait, Lanscape etc. But it is not clear to me if each setting can be tweaked more deeply for saturation, contrast, and a certain amount of unsharp mask (as can be done within Nikon camera's), or is this just the setting by choosing one of these main sections?

A setting to enhance for dynamic range, can it be used for video?

Settings for noise reduction, do they have their impact to video too?

I found a promo test video at YouTube:

Very nice filmed but technically I see "smearing" / flattening of areas that I do expect to have more detail / micro contrast in it. E.g. at grassland, fleece of animals etc. Specially seen e.g. by the hippos, but also to much other details. Not at the more strong contours of details, but the more tiny details. It seems a kind of "threshold" that below a certain "tiny" detail, everything is flattened.

Is it by compression of a YouTube movie or the general quality of a NX30 camera?
Or maybe not optimal "default" settings for noise-reduction (to high ---> flattening details), unsharp mask settings, or movie not set to HQ data output?
At least that characteristic I don't like.

Can I find more (or better) examples at other places than YouTube, as I noticed a tendency that most of the found movies at YouTube of these NX30 examples do contain that characteristic more or less.

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Samsung NX30
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