why are "some" people so insulting and rude on this forum?

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Re: A considered opinion

Pat Whittingham wrote:

Until recently, I was a media consultant for 10 years and before that a long-time industry insider.

I rarely chime in but I really must say that Sony bashing is a well recognized but not fully understood phenomena by the company. In the professional field, perhaps it comes from breaking with traditional approaches by innovating to generate licensing revenue for proprietary solutions. Only recently it seems they have embraced "open" standards.

For whatever reason in the consumer product field, Sony have their share of fanboys and detractors whose bias is clearly seen. As a current Sony, Panasonic, Olympus user today and Canon, Nikon and Pentax owner of old, I have seen more extreme comments being directed against Sony than any of the others. So from personal observation IMHO, I think the subject raised is valid I I comment the poster for starting this.

There are some truly mean-spirited people who frequent this blog more than for other camera makers blogs.

It is so true that in any group of people, it is often the quiet ones who hold the solution or can make valuable contribution. Good team leaders will bring these folk into the discussion. It is sad that so many people who read this forum have much to add and could share their experience but won't dare to reply for fear of being criticized or discredited by some "so-called" experts.

If these know-it-alls would understand that manufacturers design to a price-point and do their best to keep costs in check to keep them affordable, and understand that the designers are more knowledgeable than are they, maybe they would frame their comments in a more helpful manner.

I do believe that many companies watch this blog. They have much to learn from our user experience. Unfortunately, particularly with Asian companies, losing face is so important. Ignorant and insulting comments are simply ignored.

For the silent majority, let's put a stop to all this and work to make this the best camera blog where we can collectively learn from one another. What do you think? I can hope.

Just two points: This isn't a blog, it's a forum.  Blogs are usually controlled by 1 person or a small select group.  Anyone can start a thread here.

Other than that, you must realise this person raised the comment that he should be allowed to criticise the product - or be negative - without other people getting negative about his posts.  He's not telling the Sony critics to be polite.

And as was pointed out - it's all about phrasing.  Careful use of 'I' and 'me' go a long way in avoiding misunderstandings because in putting it that way you acknowledge your experience may be different from others.  When you try to say the product is bad and people suspect you haven't eliminated your subjective interaction with the camera, they usually call you out on it.  Some "ruder" than others - which as the mods pointed out you should report to them if they breach forum rules.

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